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Frankie Sez Hatters Hat Shop

  • Comes to you from local Niagara Resident Frankie and family
  • Passionate about curating the Best Headwear Available
  • Located in Artesnal setting of Century Wine Making Facility and Current Cave Springs Winery in Jordan Village, Home to ON The Twenty Restaurant Overlooking Dramatic Twenty Mile Creek and Valley
  • This online shop reflects Frankies passion to showcase Unique Inspired Collaborations from Italy, highlighting his European Italian Heritage and emphasizing personal relationships with generational familial Hat Makers.  One of his Florentine Hat Makers describes it this way: "Frankie, Italy is different than many parts of Europe and elsewhere....Craftsman Organizations are built around families and designed to sustain them."  One can see how Italian Design and Pride are evident and stand apart in current age of sameness & faceless large scale organizations.  Frankie personally knows the people and makers behind the Frankie Sez Hatters Made In Italy Label and its my hope you enjoy the Fine Italian Luxurious Craftsmanship as much as I do...at 3836 Main Street Jordan Village and HERE! 
  • The dedicated people at Frankie Sez Hatters have passion for Headwear and offer Inspired Customer Service...They are Tops and offer customer service that is memorable and indelible.  We seriously like Hats!
  • Looking to join our team for a few days a week, etc?...send myself, Frankie a message in the contact link.
  • Visit us in Jordan Village at 3836 Main Street, top of the Centre Stairs...you will be happy you came and may spend much longer than you think after some wine tasting, Fab Village meal showcasing local viticulture and That View!...you may be spending a couple of nights at quaint Inn on the Twenty.  We look forward to seeing you and putting our best Head Forward to make yours the Top!